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Waterproof and water-resistant are the most growing terminology in the consumer market. Every time we search for any consumer electronic, these words pop up. Let us actually find out what these terms mean in the world of consumer electronics and specifically for truly wireless earbuds, smartwatches, and fitness bands. 

Consulting the English Dictionary we find

Waterproof means “make impervious to water.”

Water-resistant means “able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely.”

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What do we Understand by ‘Waterproof’?

The definition of waterproof is very simple and straightforward. It means that no water can pass the outer coverage of the device/object. Although the definition is very simple, there is no industry standard to classify a device as waterproof. The closest classification available in the industry is the IP rating or IP code. In the technology market, there is this misconception that if a device is waterproof, there won’t be any related water damage to the device, this is absolutely false. Even though a device is waterproof, the device is prone to water damage.

IP rating/ IP code

IP stands for International or ingress rating.

Usually, IP ratings are given in the following way :

IP68, IP67, IPX5 or IP56

IP ratings usually have two characters after IP which determine the level of protection offered.

The first character IP in the code tells the user the amount of protection from dust which is  offered. This protection level is rated on a scale from 0 to 6.

The greater the number is, the more protected your wireless earbuds are from dust and if the device has a 6 in its rating this means that it is completely protected from dust.

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The next character tells the user how safe or protected the device is from liquids like water and sweat. 

This is scaled from 0 to 9K. The higher the rating the more the device is protected from liquids.

In this scale, the lowest rating possible is IPX0 which indicates that the device is not at all resistant to water and will get damaged when in contact with even the smallest amount of water, on the contrary, the highest rating possible is IPX9K, this is not found on earbuds but is available on other devices.

The highest rating for earbuds are found to be IPX8, if a wireless earbud is found with this rating this means that it can survive when immersed in water up to 13 feet deep. 

What do we Understand Water-resistant?

Water-resistant is considered to be the lowest level of water protection for a device that is available. When a device is labelled as ‘water-resistant’, this usually means that it is built in such a way that it would be hard for the water to actually seep in to cause any damage. Water-resistant products are usually coated with a thin layer of a water-resistant coat to prevent the water from entering the device.

Water-resistance is usually found on smartwatches and fitness bands, this enables the smartwatch to handle light encounters with water such as while washing hands or light rain or sweat in case of fitness bands.

Water Resistant Earbuds

Waterproof Earbuds

Have a rating from IPX1 to IPX5

Have a rating from IPX6 to IPX8

May not survive when submerged in water 

Can survive when submerged in water

They cannot survive a long time in the water

They might survive a long time  underwater                        

Truly wireless earbuds and smartwatches with any of these ratings can be used for daily activities like working out, playing sports etc.

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What to consider when purchasing waterproof or water-resistant wireless earbuds/ smartwatches?

Now that we’ve seen everything related to waterproof and water-resistant, before buying or deciding between water-resistant and waterproof we need to decide the sole purpose of the device, whether it’s for working out, leisurewear, sports etc,  also keeping in mind battery life, build quality and durability. 

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